On Ramp Whirkshop 2021

If you handle:

  • Onboarding
  • Recruiting
  • Training
  • Admin functions
  • Compliance
  • Benefits

Then this is the perfect whirkshop for you! We will be hosting these on August 19th, and September 16th, and October 21st. We will provide you with a library of training, guides, templates, and an HR helpline for one-on-one coaching.

You may be a one-man-band, but here, you're not alone. Connect with a network of small business HR leaders & learn how you can get one step better. 



What we do in the workshops:

Live, interactive sessions for 3 months


Enhance your leadership

  • Overcome FOMO - "Fear of missing out on what you don't know."
  • DISC: an assessment to expand your leadership capabilities and align yourself with company leaders.

Cover Practical HR

  • Compliance: what you need to know about wage and hour, salary exempt employees, discrimination, and more. 
  • Handbooks: what needs to be in them and the actions HR leaders need to take. 

The HR HodgePodge

  • Employee benefits: which make the most impact, and how to implement them. 
  • FAQs: the most commonly asked HR questions that we receive from small business leaders.